aggressive adware irremovable apk on android

A few days ago I received complaints from several customers who told me that “adware is installed automatically on your device Krono NET K5”. I made invesigar and found a few apk on / system / app that had different permissions to the usual “rw-r – r–“. I could erase the few simple steps in a shell:

adb shell "su -c 'mount -o rw, remount /'"

adb shell "su -c 'rm /system/app/156.apk'"

adb shell "su -c 'rm /system/app/Launcher0607wxDjbOa.apk'"

adb shell "su -c 'rm /system/app/Sync.apk'"

adb shell "su -c 'rm /system/app/SettingProvider.apk'"

(Note that a suspect name as there is a apk using the system call SettingsProvider.apk with letter s)

So far everything worked properly, however there is a apk which is the main cause of all adware and causing the discharge cone apk other battery savers, system cleaners, among others. This application is:
“/system/app/providerdown.apk” Permits “rwsr-sr-x”

I tried to remove it by the above method, I tried to change the permissions to remove it and it has not worked. I tried to install a recovery to eliminate apk thence Aroma File Manager (CWM, TWRP) MTK but this device does not support any custom recovery for devices MTK.

Any idea? Thanks in advance (sorry for my bad english)

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