After loading page with ajax, SVG pattern images will not be displayed

When I called the second page contains the following code in first page, images are not displayed, but when I refresh the second page, images are displayed.
What is the problem?

<svg class="nav menu" xmlns="">
<a xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="/kheshtokhak.com3/index.php/fa/?Itemid=107" xlink:title=""
<text>درباره ما</text>
<pattern id="text144" patternUnits="objectBoundingBox" width="100%" height="100%">
<image xlink:href="http://localhost/kheshtokhak.com3/images/window_text/about.png" width="163" height="275"></image>
<path fill="url(#text144)" d="M33 156 l125 -30 l38 108 l-163 167 z"></path>

Source: jquery

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