Adding css files in head resulting in error DOMPDF

Iam using open cart.
I have a information page which has a form. form method is post.In my controller i initialise my data arrays with post variables. than in my tpl file i have another form in which i show the output which user filled (Designed styled well ). working Fine.
Now when ever a form is filled i convert it into PDF using DOMPDF i write it on my server and below this code i use opencart mail lib. to send attached file to user i want.. working great

If i include all my css files in head section of TPL where i show output it gives me error

    Fatal error: Call to a member function prepend_child() on a non-object in /home/ifixandm/public_html/finalUpGrade/system/library/dompdf/include/frame_tree.cls.php on line 218

But if i remove css files it sends email with attached pdf but style is not applied (like bootstrap coloumns etc)

I have noticed that only bootstrap.css file which is included in head is causing me problem.

Source: html5

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