Add unicode char to a standard font (consolas)

I’m using a lot the terminal (that support UTF-8) to display information like ascii tables, menus, etc.

I strongly argue that using the proper unicode symbols to draw a table offer a much better readability than only playing with standard ASCII symbols.

In 2015 (even if small villages of indomitable old timers still holds out against C99), I think that I can ask my people to install a specific terminal font to use my tools and scripts. Of course I can still imagine implementing a compatibility mode where I only use creepy ascii chars.

So, we are currently using Powerline Consolas as some of us use vim with vim-airline. With this font I can already display pretty tables like this:

|               Data               |
│ Name  │ Alias │ Depths │ Type │# │
│ foo   │       │   2    │ int  │1 │
│ bar   │ babar │   1    │ long │2 │

However, to push my argument a step further. I would like to use more custom chars i.e. symbols and logos to the font we are using.

My question is:

What tool can I use to easily edit my font i.e. TrueType to add new Unicode chars?

I found nice online tools like fontastic, but I still did not find anything that can take in input an existing font.

Source: linux

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