500 Internal Server Error – PHP-FPM Apache2.4

While moving a website from CentOS6 (cPanel) to Ubuntu14.04 (no cPanel), I’m facing Internal Server Error.

The server setup is like this:

Apache2.4 with PHP5-FPM & Mod-Security/Mod-Evasive and Nginx working as reverse proxy. I even tried disabling everything other than a simple LAMP (without mod-security & mod-evasive) but nothing improves.

I also tried increasing max_execution time in php.ini and tried upload_max_size to 200M. But no luck!

While opening phpinfo() file, everything is fine. Even the login page loads fine. But when we submit the username & password, firstly it take like about 50sec and then it throws this error.

When I check on Apache error log, this is what I found:

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:05.824653 2015] [mpm_worker:notice] [pid 14321:tid 139859590961024] AH00295: caught SIGTERM, shutting down

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:05.843496 2015] [:alert] [pid 14324:tid 139859590961024] (4)Interrupted system call: FastCGI: read() from pipe failed (0)

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:05.843893 2015] [:alert] [pid 14324:tid 139859590961024] (4)Interrupted system call: FastCGI: the PM is shutting down, Apache seems to have disappear$

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:07.000129 2015] [:notice] [pid 2297:tid 139960399320960] ModSecurity for Apache/2.7.7 (http://www.modsecurity.org/) configured.

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:07.000242 2015] [:notice] [pid 2297:tid 139960399320960] ModSecurity: APR compiled version="1.5.1-dev"; loaded version="1.5.1-dev"

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:07.000256 2015] [:notice] [pid 2297:tid 139960399320960] ModSecurity: PCRE compiled version="8.31 "; loaded version="8.31 2012-07-06"

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:07.000264 2015] [:notice] [pid 2297:tid 139960399320960] ModSecurity: LUA compiled version="Lua 5.1"

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:07.000271 2015] [:notice] [pid 2297:tid 139960399320960] ModSecurity: LIBXML compiled version="2.9.1"

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:07.046037 2015] [:notice] [pid 2301:tid 139960399320960] FastCGI: process manager initialized (pid 2301)

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:08.002896 2015] [mpm_worker:notice] [pid 2298:tid 139960399320960] AH00292: Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) mod_fastcgi/mod_fastcgi-SNAP-0910052141 configured $

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:08.003530 2015] [core:notice] [pid 2298:tid 139960399320960] AH00094: Command line: '/usr/sbin/apache2'

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:55.775826 2015] [fastcgi:error] [pid 2303:tid 139960015345408] [client] FastCGI: comm with server "/usr/lib/cgi-bin/php5-fcgi" a$

[Fri Jul 24 12:47:55.776050 2015] [fastcgi:error] [pid 2303:tid 139960015345408] [client] FastCGI: incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from serv$

Can someone answer what’s going wrong?

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